The prototype that could


and the rise of the battlemech

Technical Readout

A new weapon, 100 ton heavy, but revolutionary For the first time weapon industry tried to combine a weapon system as protected as a battleship, combining the manoeuvrability and flexibility of a biological like body, capacity of being operatable in any kind of environment paired and capable of field all kind of different weapons, may they be energy driven or ammunition reliant. It wasn’t for the first time weapon industries tried that but the impact of the BattleMech, how it will be called, is only comparable with the intergalactic travel and it’s capacities.

History Background

In the year 2439, the landscape of warfare underwent a seismic shift with the introduction of the Mackie Mech, heralding a new era of advanced weaponry and strategic prowess. Developed through cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering, the Mackie Mech stands as a formidable addition to the arsenal of military forces worldwide. Its inception marked a turning point in the evolution of warfare, offering unparalleled capabilities and redefining the battlefield dynamics. The Mackie Mech represents a fusion of state-of-the-art robotics, artificial intelligence, and weaponry systems, meticulously crafted to achieve unparalleled performance in combat scenarios. Standing tall amidst the chaos of war, this mechanized marvel embodies both power and precision, presenting a versatile platform capable of adapting to diverse tactical environments.
At the heart of the Mackie Mech lies its revolutionary design, meticulously engineered to maximize both offensive and defensive capabilities. Armed with an array of advanced weaponry, including high-powered lasers, guided missiles, and kinetic projectiles, the Mackie Mech possesses the firepower to neutralize even the most fortified enemy positions with surgical precision. Moreover, its integrated targeting systems and sensor arrays grant unparalleled situational awareness, allowing for swift and decisive action on the battlefield. However, the true strength of the Mackie Mech lies not solely in its firepower, but also in its adaptability and agility. Equipped with advanced maneuvering capabilities and agile locomotion systems, it can traverse a wide range of terrains with ease, from rugged mountainous regions to urban landscapes. This mobility grants commanders the flexibility to deploy the Mackie Mech in a variety of scenarios, ensuring a strategic advantage over adversaries.
Furthermore, the incorporation of sophisticated AI algorithms enables the Mackie Mech to be operated by only one human, enhancing its effectiveness in both offensive and defensive operations. This seamless integration of man and machine amplifies the capabilities of military forces, providing them with a force multiplier capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor. In conclusion, the introduction of the Mackie Mech in 2439 represents a monumental leap forward in the realm of warfare, ushering in a new era of technological dominance and strategic superiority. With its formidable firepower, advanced capabilities, and adaptability, the Mackie Mech stands as a testament to human ingenuity and innovation, forever altering the course of military history. As houses across the galaxy strive to harness its potential, one thing remains certain: the Mackie Mech has forever changed the face of warfare.

Main Platform

The initial design was housing a PPC, an AC 10 autocannon and 2 medium lasers cooled by 15 single heat sinks. With 20 tons of armor for protection and a top speed of 54 km/h it could keep up with the main military force on roads but it’s true potential could be seen in cross country movements, where the speed did not get reduced unlike tracked or wheeled vehicles.

Variants / Timeline



Appearance of the Mackie, 100 ton assault Mech Short after the appearance of the Mackie it’s first variant, the MSK-5S showed up, where an AC 5 autocannon replaced the AC 10 and the two medium lasers were replaced by a large laser, also adding two more heat sinks.

c. 2400


 Around 2400 a new variant made its appearance, the MSK-7, whereas these modifications were built around introducing in exchange new autocannons and new energy weapon mixes.


The Mackie started to disappear after the exodus in 2784 of Aleksandr Kerensky where the Houses of the Inner Sphere were more relying on their own designed BattleMechs.

Unfortunately, no quotes of the era of its appearance have survived, as well as former well known, now unknown Mech pilots. One can only guess what the turn up of these Mech on a battlefield at the beginning of Mech warfare meant for its opponent

Welcome back folks, to another Tex Talks Battletech. This time we’re talking about a battlemech many are familiar with, and plenty underestimate. The Rifleman is a potent ballistic-fire mech with a simple battlefield role – put lead on bad guys from hopefully a fair distance. But there’s plenty more to the mech than that: From the anti-air capabilities, to the advanced targeting suite in the production models, to the strange and terrifying development of the Rifleman III. So take your seats, and let’s take a look at a machine with plenty of history.



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