Face of the Gunslinger Program.

Best of the Best and still standing.

Tex Talks Battletech: The Marauder

Welcome back folks, to another Tex Talks Battletech. With one of the most recognizable silhouettes among Inner Sphere heavy mechs, the Marauder is an icon. From the SLDF, to the Gunslinger Program, to battlefields all over the Great Houses’ territory, the Marauder remains emblematic of a fighting machine. Used by the best of the best, mercs just trying to scrape by, and everyone in between. So how did this unconventional-looking Battlemech become the face of the Mechwarrior elite, and influence the fundamentals of ‘mech design for centuries? Well, take your seats, and let’s take a look at one of the poster children of ‘mech combat.



TEX TALKS BATTLETECH is a fan-based parody/attempt at education for a setting that deserves much love. Battletech, Mechwarrior, and all other material are owned by CGL, Topps, Tornante, PGI, their various subsidiaries, and a million shareholders (though not harmony gold, fuck those guys). No challenge to their ownership status is being made or intended by the creation of this work. Battletech is owned by the company, but the fanbase is what keeps it alive. Let us hope they forgive us for what fun we have. Tex Talks Battletech is a semi-serious take on Battletech, its setting, lore, and history in an attempt to bring people into one of the greatest franchises ever envisioned and should not in any way represent the official stance of any corporation, conglomerate, megacorp, holding company, or cartel which currently owns the franchise. 

TL;DR: this is the opinion of one guy who loves a setting, and is dead-set on bringing it to everyone who cares to hear about it.


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In order of appearance:

  1. Kitt – Mark Dee (Storyblocks)
  2. Bones in Old Van Zandt – Goatburger
  3. Tex Talks Battletech Theme – Kumakin
  4. Escaping Forever – Michael Vignola (Storyblocks)
  5. Komm, Süßer Tod – Kumakin
  6. Mirrors – Will Van De Crommert (Storyblocks)
  7. The New World – Wolgang Woehrle – (Storyblocks)
  8. Whimsical and Playful 1 – Gavin Luke (Epidemic Sound)
  9. The New World – Wolgang Woehrle – (Storyblocks)
  10. Dying Wish – Lance Conrad (Storyblocks)
  11. Neon Raceway – ELFL (Epidemic Sound)
  12. Dying Wish – Lance Conrad (Storyblocks)
  13. Not Our War – Will Van De Crommert (Storyblocks)
  14. Sad Piano Cello and Violin – Valentina Gribanova (Storyblocks)
  15. The Villain – Phoenix Tail (Epidemic Sound)
  16. High Fever (Disco Funk) – Jonathan Paris (Storyblocks)
  17. P I N K B I K I N I – Kumakin
  18. Particle Emission – Silver Maple (Epidemic Sound)
  19. Lumina – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen (Epidemic Sound)
  20. Traditional – Handel Sarabande (Epidemic Sound)
  21. Azimuth – Kumakin
  22. The River Crossing – Vinnie Camilleri (Storyblocks)
  23. Highland Sights – Trabant 33 (Epidemic Sound)
  24. Triumph Hill – Hector Posser (Epidemic Sound)
  25. The Arms Race – Bonnie Grace (Epidemic Sound)
  26. I Think I Was There – Emil Axelsson (Epidemic Sound)
  27. The Rider – Dandroid (Epidemic Sound)
  28. Crossing Manhattan 3 – Martin Gauffin (Epidemic Sound)
  29. Down the Alleyway – Damon Greene (Epidemic Sound)
  30. Galatic Battles – Bonnie Grace (Epidemic Sound)
  31. Deep into the Night – Aleksandar Srb (Storyblocks)
  32. Cold War Games – Gabriel Lewis (Epidemic Sound)
  33. Work Undone – Pearce Roswell (Epidemic Sound)
  34. Stratosphere Voyage – Spirits Of Our Dreams (Epidemic Sound)
  35. And The Sky Shall Unfold 1 – Johannes Bornlof (Epidemic Sound)
  36. Root Cellar Blues – Dan Robinson – (Storyblocks)
  37. Gypsy Jazz – Colodymyr Piddubnyk (Storyblocks)
  38. Enter the Sphere – Gerardo Garcia Jr. (Storyblocks)
  39. Fantasia – Mark Dee (Storyblocks)
  40. Bones in Old Van Zandt – Goatburger
  41. Kitt – Mark Dee (Storyblocks)

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