ANGELS FALL FIRST: space and whiskey

Okay, did you pay EA lots of money for a star wars game that was functionally far less than the last one? Did you fall for the big youtuber stupid show of “this game is great, buy it” and then realize it wasn’t? WELL, have I got something to show you.

This game, Angels Fall First, is like ten bucks, well, maybe twenty, it’s often on sale. What do you get? Space combat. Ground combat, and no damn boxes to pay for. There’s no season pass. It runs beautifully even on potatoes. Play angels fall first. DO IT. SUPPORT GOOD GAMES.

I wasn’t paid jack to say that. I just wanted you to acknowledge this game is damn good. Also I had to give youtube a reason to demonetize my video, because they will. Not because I said EA was bad or anything….

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound