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Tex Talks Battletech is a new series where Tex talks Battletech, Battletech lore, history, and mech combat in the glorious 31st Century. For childhood onward I was propelled into the world of Battletech, Mechwarrior and the like from tabletop game to RPG to PC game(s). It is my honor to now talk Battletech and mechwarrior lore from battlemechs to the nation states that use them and all the technology in between. Battletech to me is the epitome of a setting done well, and naturally battletech’s gernally awesome lore reflects the depth of the universe. So, if you want to hear the lore of a great setting, by a voice that is the personification of whiskey, look no further.

Avast Clanners, its Fightin’ time. No guts. No Galaxy.

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The best announcer and arguably best voice in Battletech, also if you don’t hire him for your fucking game it’s probably not worth the box it came in. Games come in boxes, right? Oh yeah just hire: George Ledoux –

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