Early Aviation Aces, Con-men, and Engineers: Tex Talks History

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A story of an egotistical medical doctor who tried to cash in on post-WWI demand for new planes by mesmerizing an entire established airplane company into building an over-hyped, tragically flawed design based on the principles of “true bird flight” that killed two test pilots. This is but one part of the story of a Dr. William Whitney Christmas, who, through his mesmerizing Christmas Effect™ has managed to actually change his portrayal through history. Discover how by watching our humble documentary. Enjoy!

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Intro – 00:00:00

Preamble – 00:02:04

Chapter 1: Dr. Christmas – 00:09:10

Chapter 2: One World War – 00:11:43

Chapter 3: Christmas Saves the World – 00:26:40

Chapter 4: Christmas’ Present to America – 00:36:15

Chapter 5: The Christmas Bullet – 00:40:09

Chapter 6: Death of a Mailman – 00:46:03

Chapter 7: The Safety Factor – 00:50:56

Conclusion: The True Cost of a Happy Christmas – 01:12:26

Outro – 01:19:43

Credits – 01:20:57