FAR CRY 5: Part 1 – Welcome to Hope County [A CO-OP Experience]

By Request, Tex and Nick play Far Cry 5 CO-OP.

Far Cry 5 so far is as what I expected from all the other Far Cry Entries:

FAR CRY 5 does not Disappoint! HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT!

Far Cry 5 has – Hilariously bad plot

Far Cry 5 has – Hilariously bad moustache-twirling monologuing mary-sue badguys

Far Cry 5 has – equally annoying ‘protagonist’ allies that wont shut up

Far Cry 5 has – Bullet Sponge enemies and animals

Far Cry 5 has – Spent a lot of money getting big channels to play it.

GUESS WHAT. WE AINT A BIG CHANNEL. We’re just here to break shit.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com

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