I AM A TERRIBLE LEADER. But sometimes inspirational. This was taken from a stream. Streams are things I do badly. Watch at your own peril as I play Mechwarrior Online and convince random people to leave me alone with the power of my voice.

Mechwarrior online is a game that’s free and its on steam. Yes, its a free steam game. Yes there’s a pay-wall in that you must pay them to get mechs faster. Sometimes shits on sale and its cheaper. Sometimes its not. But overall, Mechwarrior online is okay with friends. There’s a lot of games that are okay with friends, but mechwarrior online is the game thats only okay with friends that I’m playing right now.

Just play mechwarrior online if you want to. If not, play something else. My editor put this together because he’s cool like that. He also punched a hole in four babies. His power is growing. GROWING!.

Music is probably from Epidemic Sound: This is a patreon. It’s where supporters go.