Space Station 13: The last Goon Assday Episode of All time – FIRE IS A LEGAL LOOPHOLE

Shortly Thereafter they did away with assday on Goonstation 13.

Assday used to be a celebration of doing whatever you wanted, once a month on the 13th of every month. It was a day to test warcrime chemicals, make bombs, test destructive things, and just goof off if you were new to the game. It’s since gone the way of the dodo, and we won’t see its kind again. So, for your entertainment, here’s the very last ass day.

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Space Station 13 is a game that you’re not going to understand unless you play. It’s not a game you can learn by watching or reading, and it is a game you certainly won’t master in your first day, week or month. Space station 13 is one of the most insane experiences of my life, a game that has occupied my time for over a decade now. Space station 13 is the roguelike of roguelikes for me, the most wonderful piece of human-created madness, and certainly on equal footing with dwarf fortress in terms of sheer complexity. Please join in as I embark again, for just another day on space station 13.

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