Tex Talks Battletech : Exodus to Elementals – A Primer on the Clans [Part 1]

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Tex of the Black Pants Legion here. This episode of Tex Talks Battletech was initially on elementals and only elementals. However, viewer interest and many questions persuaded me to expand the scope of the lesson to include a primer on the clans. This is Part 1 of that series, entitled Exodus to Elementals: A Relatively brief Primer on the clans. Exodus to Elementals will cover the history of the SLDF from pre-exodus to landfall in the Kerensky Cluster, and beyond. Exodus to Elementals will cover their history, culture, and way of life. Part 1 of this series took a hell of a lot of effort and was only possible through the efforts of my team, and the amazing support of my fanbase. Further, to write this series I did consult with the actual author of the material, and heard their opinions and insight before finishing my initial draft. Thanks to Blaine Pardoe for his wit and wisdom, and if you don’t know who he is – shame on you. Anyways, here’s part one of a guide series on clan lore, clan history, clan weird stuff, the end of the SLDF and anything else I got lost on.

That being said, Welcome to Exodus to Elementals: A relatively brief primer on the clans (Part 1)

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