Tex Talks Battletech : Exodus to Elementals – A Primer on the Clans [Part 2]

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Exodus to Elementals covers the SLDF from the Exodus to their return to the inner sphere. It is a primer in history, on the foundation of the Clans, and how they eventually decided to return on less than generous terms.

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Kumakin – Tex Talks Battletech Theme
Epidemic Sound – There Must Be a Way Out Of Here
Epidemic Sound – Particle Emission
Epidemic Sound – Behind Bars
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Epidemic Sound – They Dream by Day
Epidemic Sound – Choirs of War
Epidemic Sound – Hunting for Freedom
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Epidemic Sound – Down by The Alleyway
Kumakin – Azimuth
Epidemic Sound – Aspire to Inspire
Epidemic Sound – Battle of the Nile
Epidemic Sound – Where the Light is
Epidemic Sound – I Think I Was There
Epidemic Sound – Running out of Time
Kumakin – Home
Epidemic Sound – Defeat Accepted
Epidemic Sound – Paladins
DC BRUINS – Contemplation
Epidemic Sound – Handel Sarabande
Epidemic Sound – Travel to Centaurus
Epidemic Sound – Enrich
Epidemic Sound – Stratosphere Voyage
Epidemic Sound – And the Skies Shall Unfold
Epidemic Sound – Afternoon Swing 1
Epidemic Sound – NightStalker
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