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The Magistratum Mundanus appeared first on the black pants legion Podcast: in October of 2022.

History/Context : The Magistratum Mundanus is a roleplaying session set in the Marginalia of Warhammer 40k. Tex, an out of practice DM of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy brushed off his very dusty skills (after a 10 year hiatus of DMing no less!) to tell a story of . . . well. . . you’ll see.The magistratum Mundanus itself is a homebrew of FFG’s Dark heresy 1 and 2, along with several select modifications to small arms and explosion rules to ensure combat is faster, more lethal, and stupidity is curtailed regarding willy-nilly use of violence. Regardless of this, the team does what it does.Further: This is non canon in the extreme, and is based largely upon what Tex remembered from his heyday of 40k lore and the fandom, and is in no way whatsoever relevant to the current world as it stands, its current lore, or should ever be judged on the accuracy thereof. Note: This is a game among friends having fun. The audio gets better over time as we were figuring out what in the hell we were doing. Please enjoy!Also – This is a fan made creation. All rights are reserved by the actual copyright holders. The Art however, is by Eldonious Rex. Glory be to his skills.