THE OUTER WORLDS [By Tex] Episode 2

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Howdy Folks, Tex of the Black Pants Legion here. I wanted to play this game since I heard about it. The Outer Worlds promises to be another damn beautiful RPG from Obsidian. So far I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The Outer Worlds is an RPG slash shooter slash insane throwback to games like Fallout New Vegas, Classic Fallout, and with a nice hint of borderlands. I think the Outer Worlds is well written, funny, and above all refreshing to play in a world of watered-down garbage. Also I didn’t buy it off the Epic Store, and instead got it on Microsoft. Support the guys making the game, I personally think it’s worth the money. But hey, it’ll be on steam before too long I’m sure and sales are going to be abundant in the coming days.


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